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Access Controls

Control Access, From Anywhere

Our robust access control systems work seamlessly with any gate, door or security system - whether or not we also installed it.
Control access to your properties through any entry point, from anywhere you need to.


  • Commercial or Residential Gates
  • Residential Entry Doors
  • Residential Garage
  • Commercial Service Doors
  • Pedestrian Gates
  • Vehicle Gates
  • Overhead Doors


  • On-Site Control
  • Remote Controls
  • App Control

Past Projects



Mini Storage

Access Controls for Residential

Manage who has access to your property, no matter where you are. Our residential access controls include gate, door and garage entry points with keypads, remote controls, telephone entry and app control.

Connect with one of our residential gate and door specialists to find the right solution for your needs.


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Access Controls for Commercial

Barnum Companies, Inc. provides any kind of access control to fit your needs - card reader, keypad, radio, telephone entry, or app. control. Access control can be applied to any gate or door as part of your overall security system, all integrated on one platform.


If You Need It, We got it

And If We Don't, We Can make It