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Planned Maintenance Programs

Prevent Downtime with Routine Maintenance

Barnum Companies, Inc. provides and encourages planned maintenance on all our products and systems. Planned maintenance helps keep equipment operating at peak performance, prevents breakdown and leads to increased lifespan.

Just as you service your vehicle with regularly scheduled maintenance, your security system requires routine care to continue operating properly. Your security gates, overhead doors, experience a lot of wear and tear with ongoing usage and enduring outdoor elements; by performing regular maintenance on these components, you can prevent malfunctions and downtime. Don’t forget about the other systems that don’t have moving parts to wear out!

Your access controls, security systems and video surveillance systems need maintenance too.

Here at Barnum, we offer planned maintenance programs designed and tailored to meet your needs. For your vehicle, you rely on the car itself to indicate that it needs oil, washer fluid, and air in your tires. At Barnum, we are the indicator for you! We will proactively reach out to schedule when it's time for your maintenance.

Planned Maintenance Options

Residential and commercial systems have different needs for maintenance depending on the property or facility's functionality, usage and security level.

Barnum will tailor a site-specific maintenance agreement custom for you and remind you when maintenance is due.

We offer the following intervals for planned maintenance:


  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Bi-Annually

  • Annually

For all planned maintenance agreements, Barnum provides you with a comprehensive report of all tests performed and findings following your planned maintenance service. This report is beneficial for both our technicians and clients alike, not only for the functionality of your current system, as well as safety, but for any future issues or maintenance required for your security devices.


For most residential properties, we recommend bi-annual planned maintenance. The main reason for this is because of our region's extreme seasonal changes. For bi-annual planned maintenance, we reach out to you during the fall, to schedule service. We come to your location and get your security system ready for winter. At this time, we make sure all functionality and safety devices are winter-ready. Come Springtime; we return to address and service any wear and tear your system may have experienced throughout the winter.


For high-usage commercial properties, we strongly recommend either quarterly or monthly planned maintenance. Commercial facilities often experience higher traffic, so your gate or overhead door is operating quite frequently. If you have a security system at your commercial location, security is fundamental to the basis and function of your company. By assessing your security system, we can identify and resolve any potential issues that could cause disruption.

Mini Storage

For mini storage properties, we recommend quarterly or monthly planned maintenance just as we would for any other commercial property. Storage properties endure frequent visitors resulting in high usage of your gate, doors and security systems. Furthermore, storage units may draw more potential security risks, such as theft or vandalism. By regularly addressing and servicing your security systems with our planned maintenance, you can rest assured that your property is reliable and secure.

Quality Service, Guaranteed

The best part about being on a planned maintenance program with Barnum is that we guarantee our service and maintenance for 30 days after the day we are at your location. If you have any issues that are not environmental or vandalism related within 30 days of your maintenance check, we will cover the labor for those services under our customer service warranty.

Your safety and security is our priority, and maintaining that helps us protect you.

"I really wish I could give more than 5 stars! These guys are totally awesome, go above and beyond and make sure you are totally satisfied with everything! They've done repairs (the original install and upkeep by another company lacked a lot). Conversions, Troubleshooting, Installs, EVERYTHING! And Jesse even solves I.D.10.T errors! You can't go wrong with this company!"

- Kat Peterson

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