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Residential Gates

Control Access, Without Sacrificing Visual Appeal

Residential gates often have unique needs. You must protect your property, but you might also be considering the visual impact the gate has on your guests, as well as your neighbors.

Barnum Companies, Inc. does frequent work with top quality builders and customers alike, who expect nothing less than the highest quality products, installation and service. Our residential gate specialists are able to offer customized and personalized recommendations for your gate needs. Contact one of our specialists to discuss which operator is best for you.

Residential Swing Gate Operators


Swing gate operators use an arm that is attached to the gate structure, this arm opens and closes the gate. They can also include battery backup capability. This makes these gates ideal for residential operations with low traffic volume, and where visual style is key. For residential residences, these types of gates offer security and a beautiful profile.

Linear Actuator Style

Linear Actuator Style

Harmonic Arm Style

Linear Actuator Style

Residential Slide Gates

Slide Gates For Residential

Slide gate operators use a chain or a drive rail that moves the gate side-to-side to the open and closed positions. They can also include battery backup capability.

The type of operator you will want to use in this application will all depend on the length of your gate opening and the weight of your gate structure. One of our residential gate specialists can advise on the best option for your needs.

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Hydraulic, rail-drive

Residential Vertical Pivot Gates

Vertical Pivot Gates For Residential

Vertical pivot lift gate operators use springs to assist in lifting the gate structure to a vertical position when fully open. They can also include battery backup capability. Pivot gates are ideal for residential applications with a high volume of traffic or sites with unique space restrictions that might prevent the use of other kinds of gates.





Other Residential Product Lines

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Need a Full-Scale Solution?

Try our project planning services


If you’re interested in a multi-gate or multi-unit solution, go beyond design and fabrication with our project planning services. Our thorough, full-scale strategies include design, fabrication and installation for multiple systems across multiple access points.