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Roll Up Doors

Protection & Durability

Rollup doors provide protection and security for your customers' personal belongings at each storage unit. Barnum Companies, Inc. provides, installs and services Rollup doors for the mini storage market, in varying sizes for all types of self-storage facilities

We currently sell all models of Janus Mini Storage doors. Features include:

  • Smooth door operation with high strength rating
  • Wind speed tested - 100 mph SBC wind speed and 130 mph exposure B, ASCE 7 wind speed
  • Meets the requirements of the SBC (Standard Building Code) and ASCE 7 (American Society of Civil Engineers). The ASCE Standard is used in the Florida Building Code and the International Building Code

Rollup Doors for Commercial Applications

In addition to rollup doors for mini storage applications, we also provide, install and service rollup doors for commercial applications:

  • Security doors

  • Service doors

  • Loading dock

  • Counter shutters


Get more information about our doors for commercial applications on our overhead doors page.

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